November 30, 2017: The Gorham Times, page 9
Count ME In for Attendance photo of Alison Smith, Great Falls Student who created one of the winning posters.

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For Young People to be College- and Career-Ready, Student Attendance Matters by Ken Kunin, Larry Malone and Susan Lieberman

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Biddeford Schools Tackle Attendance, Absenteeism by Alan Bennett

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Superintendent's Notebook: Attending School is Important, Starting with Day 1 by Xavier Botana, Superintendent Portland Public Schools

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Maine Schools Grappling with Chronic Absenteeism by Jay Fields

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The Walking School Bus in Lewiston by Danielle Waugh

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Don't Be A Fool, Go To School by Tammy Wells

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Superintendent's Notebook: Attending School is First Step to Success by Jeanne Crocker, Interim Superintendent for Portland Public Schools

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Lewiston School Produces Attendance PSA

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Our View: Student Absences Require Creative Response

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Attendance Matters! by Becky Hayward, School Counselor at Village School in Gorham

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Op Ed Article: Will You Help? by Bill Webster, Superintendent of Schools for Lewiston Public Schools

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Our View: From Kindergarten On, Every Day in Class Counts Southern Maine schools are trying to cut elementary absenteeism.


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New State Guidelines Tackle Chronic Absenteeism by Alisha Kirby on the impact of the Connecticut legislation addressing chronic absenteeism.

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ESSA Highlights Absenteeism as a Key Challenge For Schools by Caralee J. Adams

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5 Reasons Schools Should Measure Chronic Absence by Elissa Nadworny

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1 in 4 Teachers Miss 10 or More Days, Analysis Finds by Sarah Sparks

June 10, 2016: U.S. News and World Report
Obama Administration Tries Tackling Chronic Absenteeism by Lauren Camera examines the US Department of Education Civil Rights report which found that more than 13% of students in the US were chronically absent having missed 15 or more days of school.

February 10, 1016: EdSource
One Way to Improve Kindergarten Attendance: Take The Bus by Jane Meredith Adams discusses a recent study by Michael Gottfried using a sample of 14,000 kindergarten students on the effect of school transportation on chronic absenteeism.

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Stopping Absenteeism at the Age of 5 by Rikha Sharma Rani highlights an effective approach to combat chronic absenteeism in New Britain, Conn elementary schools.

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Every Student, Every Day: Obama Administration Launches First Ever, National Cross-Sector Initiative To Eliminate Chronic Absenteeism In Our Nation's Schools

October 2, 2015: Washington Post
Home Visiting Linked to Lower School Truancy and Better Reading Outcomes
by Michael Alison Chandler who highlights a recent John Hopkins study of 12 elementary schools that took part in a family engagement program.

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In Los Angeles, Missing Kindergarten is a Big Deal A profile of kindergarten teachers and their principal's effort to address chronic absenteeism.

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Opinions: Finding the Reason Behind School Absences by Hedy Chang, Director of Attendance Works and Hyesook Chung, Executive Director of DC Action for Children

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Walking School Bus Movement: School Children Make Strides Towards Fitness, Safety and Attendance